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Pledge a $ amount for every second Justin stays on the horse.

Example: If you pledge $1 and Justin last 5 seconds, your donation will be $5. Similar to a fun run. Fill out the form below to pledge. All pledges will be paid after the ride on July 27th.

All proceeds will be donated to the

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Event Details:

  • When: Saturday, July 27th 2019

  • Where: DuPage County Fair Rodeo

  • What: Justin will be riding a bucking bronco

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This is the $ amount per second. However long Justin last, your pledge will be multiplied by that amount. Max 8 seconds.

Money Raised To Date


  • Dave Light

  • Mark and Linda Ittersagen

  • Mike English

  • Steven Barks

  • Gillian Fletcher

  • Sandy Burau

  • Brock Ullrich

  • Elise Riley

  • Travis Burau

  • Steve Young

  • Dana Varble

  • Cherie Provenzano

  • Karen Varble

  • Becki Cunningham

  • Deb Fenton

  • Evelyn Hanrahan

  • Kevin McCoy

  • Ali and Tom Wetmore