The Meaning of "Grabowski"

Ryan was never shy about his passion for Chicago sports, particularly his hometown Chicago Bears.  Anyone raised in the Chicagoland area still considers the '85 Bears to be the greatest professional football team in history, regardless of if they were alive for the dream season!  This is largely driven by the fact that Chicagoans could personally identify with the style of football they played.  While "Da Coach" Mike Ditka has his fair share of interesting quotes nowadays, there is one from the past that Ryan particularly loved:

Some teams are fair-haired.  Some aren`t.  Some teams are a Smith, some are a Grabowski . . . We`re a Grabowski.  - Mike Ditka

Chicago is a diverse community who works hard, never has anything handed to them, is tough-minded, honest, selfless, and finds a way to persevere and prevail.  The '85 Bears were made up of Grabowskis.  Ryan is a Grabowski.  He loved this idea so much that family and friends recognized this as his nickname almost as much as "Ryan!"

And so we pay tribute to the Grabowski values that Ryan embodied throughout his life by naming the event as such.  Together, we are a strong community of Grabowskis.