Raffle Prize Information

We know what you're thinking.  

"I've been to a few events with a raffle or auction, and it never quite lives up to the hype."  

Rest assured, patrons...this one most definitely will!  Our goal is to make sure every last one of Ryan's family and friends get a rush of adrenaline through one of the many diverse gift packages we will be offering during the dinner.  Vacations, yoga, craft beer, sports memorabilia.  You name it, we will have it.  Best of all?  100% of the proceeds will go directly to the ABTA.  Below you will find some additional details regarding the raffle in addition to a sneak peek at some of the prizes to look forward to!  Get excited!  We certainly are.

Have you ever been to Grand Cayman?  If not, you will finally have your opportunity to visit this tropical paradise and stay at one of its most prized possessions. That's right, our biggest raffle prize of the event will be a seven night stay at the luxury resort, the Coral Stone Club!  Located on the famous Seven Mile Beach, this resort offers every amenity you could imagine.  Best of all?  It's literally footsteps from the white sandy beach and ocean waves.  Don't believe it?  Have a look through the photos below:


There are many other fantastic prizes available.  Below is a preview of some of the contributions to give you an idea:

  • Week Stay in the Cayman Islands
  • Week Stay at a Lake Geneva Lake House
  • Drive a Bentley for a weekend
  • Cubs Tickets
  • Autograph Phil Mickelson Flag
  • Blackhawks Tickets
  • Notre Dame Football Tickets
  • Lagunitas Brewing Company
  • Signed Brian Urlacher Football
  • Signed Jose Quintana Picture
  • Autograph Anthony Rizzo Picture
  • Soul Cycle
  • Fourth is King Clothing
  • Gia Mia Pizza Bar
  • Noon Whistle Brewing
  • Newborn Photo Shoot 
  • Two Brothers Brewing